She remembers that night by the sea.
A full moon lit the deserted beach.
They laughed, danced and melded together for an unforgettable night of soulful pleasure.
A total union …  until the dawn.
Now, every time the full moon rises, she yearns for that feeling of completeness again –
She misses him.
She dreams.

Described by Sir Tim Rice as being “Like Enya meeting Roxy with Sibelius lending a hand” Bianca K’s new album Passion Has Dreams will leave the listener totally mesmerized.
Passion has Dreams is a delectable pallete of dramatic orchestral textures set amongst epic film like scoring. With compelling rhythms and heart pounding percussion, the songs are lyrically rich with striking melodies fortified with multiple harmonies. Celebrity choreographer Arlene Phillips comments on the glorious hints of world music, “It conjures up images of African plains and you’re instantly transported there within seconds of hearing the first few notes”

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